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Are LED Grow Lights Dangerous For Humans?

Are LED Grow Lights Dangerous For Humans? Have you ever seen what eyes look like after they’ve been ravaged by LED grow lights? Yeah, me neither. But that doesn’t stop some from warning us all of the dangers and insisting we all need protective glasses. Are they just being overly cautious? Are they just trying […]

5-Step Remedy to 99.9% of marijuana Growing Problems

Beginner’s Guide & Solutions to Growing Marijuana/Cannabis Arm yourself with the knowledge of the following 5 simple things to check when your plants get sick, and you’ll know how to give your plants a 100% recovery. Step 1: Verify Watering Habits & Root Health Step 2: Diagnose Nutrient Problems & Deficiencies Step 3: Check Environment […]

Newest LED Grow Lights Buyers Guide

How To Choose THE Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants? There was a time when choosing a grow light was simple – all you needed to know was what brand and wattage you wanted.  Things have changed.  Drastically.  The market has been flooded with grow light options and it can be quite challenging to figure […]

Is Marijuana Addictive

Is Marijuana Addictive – Physically or Psychologically? Yes, about 1 in 10 marijuana users will become addicted. For people who begin using younger than 18, that number rises to 1 in 6 The majority of pot smokers do not develop a marijuana addiction, but some smokers do develop all the symptoms of an actual addiction […]

How to Grow Cannabis(Marijuana)?

Easiest 10 Step Guide – How to Grow Cannabis(Marijuana)? What Is Cannabis(Marijuana)? Cannabis (/ˈkænəbɪs/) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. The number of species within the genus is disputed. Three species may be recognized: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis; C. ruderalis may be included within C. sativa; all three may […]

Can any led light be used as a grow light?

Can any led light be used as a grow light? Home gardeners who are looking to grow plants and vegetables indoors are looking to find the right grow lights without spending an arm and a leg on the most expensive grow lights. It may be possible to use standard LED lights to grow plants for flowering, or fruits […]

Are LED Lights Damage Your Eyes

  Are LED Lights Damage Your Eyes? Saving the environment since 1962, the future is now for LED lights. Energy-efficient and cost-effective: What’s not to love? Well, according to recent studies: plenty. There’s growing concern that the blue light they emit may be damaging our eyes and health.

How to Choose the LED UFO High Bay Light?

When choosing LED lighting for high bay ceilings, efficiency is important. Since the light will be operating from a higher range, the lighting needs to be maximized for optimal illumination. With the smart design of UFO LED High Bay Light products, the design is part of the efficiency. Created with a fin style to help transfer thermal properties more […]

Why LED Red Light Therapy

Why LED Red Light Therapy —-Everything You Need To Know About LED Red Light Therapy What is the red light therapy | What is the red light therapy |How does red light therapy work | What are the benefits of red light therapy | Wounds and Scars Headling |Improving skin health  Improving acne | Promoting Hair growth | Easing pain |Enhancing bone recovery | Speeding recovery and boosts […]

Solar LED Street Light

Eagle star lighting patent design IP66 all-in-one solar LED street lights to constitute the most innovative, cost-effective, and elegant solution to illuminate spaces such as streets and intersections, markets and public squares, highways, parking lots, parks, and communities, etc. Wherever there is no reliable pre-existing electrified street light infrastructure, all-in-one solar street lights are the […]