Are LED Grow Lights Dangerous For Humans?

Are LED Grow Lights Dangerous For Humans?

Have you ever seen what eyes look like after they’ve been ravaged by LED grow lights?

Yeah, me neither.

But that doesn’t stop some from warning us all of the dangers and insisting we all need protective glasses.

Are they just being overly cautious?

Are they just trying to sell us protective eyewear?

Both are often true, but there is also some truth to the idea that LED plant lights can damage your eyesight.

With that, let’s answer the question that brought you here.

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5-Step Remedy to 99.9% of marijuana Growing Problems

Beginner’s Guide & Solutions to Growing Marijuana/Cannabis

Arm yourself with the knowledge of the following 5 simple things to check when your plants get sick, and you’ll know how to give your plants a 100% recovery.

Step 1: Verify Watering Habits & Root Health

Step 2: Diagnose Nutrient Problems & Deficiencies

Step 3: Check Environment

Step 4: Identify Light Issues

Step 5: Diagnose Pests (sometimes you never actually see the bugs) Read more